Obclipse - Obfuscating Eclipse Products

Obclipse can obfuscate an entire eclipse product at once by creating the configuration file for the obfuscator ProGuard, running the obfuscator and then fixing the text based eclipse configuration files of each plugin (plugin.xml, manifest.mf, schema.exsd, component.xml) with the obfuscated class names.


Download Obclipse at sourceforge.net



Current state:


2015-08-19 Obclipse Release V0.3.0.beta1
Support new ProGuard version 5.2 and Java 1.8. ReleaseNotes

2013-02-19 Obclipse Release V0.1.2.beta1 and V0.2.0.beta1
Beta-Releases to process Service-Component XML files and support new ProGuard versions. ReleaseNotes

2012-10-18 Obclipse Release V0.1.1
Final-Release of Obclipse V0.1.1. ReleaseNotes

2011-08-24 Obclipse Release V0.1.0
Final-Release of Obclipse V0.1.0. ReleaseNotes

2008-10-17 Obclipse Release V0.1.0.beta2
Beta-Release 2 of Obclipse V0.1.0. ReleaseNotes

2008-04-04 Obclipse Release V0.1.0.beta1
Beta-Release 1 of Obclipse V0.1.0.

2007-11-07 source code uploaded
The source code is uploaded, and is ready to use as eclipse plugin.

2007-08-29 starting to set up Obclipse as SourceForge.net project
Thanks to SourceForge.net for hosting my project.

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